Psychotherapy for Treatment of Addiction

Psychotherapy is a tool to help the addicts work through underlying feelings, behaviors and thoughts that interacting with addiction and addictive behavior. Psychotherapist provides the support to addicts, help to investigate the underlying factors that cause or amplified their addiction, such as, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, co-dependency and many others.

Psychotherapy at The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric Center:

At The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric Center, we have specialized and highly trained psychotherapist who can provide variety of therapies. Our psychotherapists trained in Addiction, Mental health and comorbid psychological disorders. We provide one to one session with psychotherapist on daily basis to help in every stage of recovery.

The psychotherapist and the addict work in a trusting alliance and client rapport building. Our psychotherapist uses the array of approaches to help the addict to exploring different patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior that have been impacted by addiction and help to develop the healthy coping strategies. Throughout the treatment process, addict will; with the help of their psychotherapist identify the influence and relationship of underlying assumption and automatic thoughts on behaviors and problematic feelings. It helps the addict to find out his potential emotional and behavioral relapse triggers in the past, present and future.

Our psychotherapy goal is, addict will learn and understand his thoughts, behavioral and feelings action. In addition to, distorted cognation, inaccurate beliefs and thoughts and provide coping mechanism to handle his addiction and life stressors. Our psychotherapy treatment possesses different approaches, which are more appropriate, client centered depending on their age, type of addiction, and multiple factors contributed to their addiction. Psychotherapist at The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric center are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Family Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is standard manualized therapy for disorder regarding addiction in an individualized setting. A main objective of CBT is identifying those distorted automatic thoughts, feeling and behavior, which inclined an individual towards substance abuse and addiction. It helps the addicts to recognize triggers and cravings and learn life management skills, which they can use later in real life situations. The theoretical basis of CBT is interrelated relationships between thoughts, behavior and feelings, helps the individual to reframe distorted thought and substitute it.

 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy:

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is principle based effective for the individuals struggling with addiction and aim to emphasize on acceptance of uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and behavior and help to overcome them. It used with cognitive behavioral therapy, as a therapeutic exercise and coping strategy when problematic situations arise.

DBT helps with:

  • Validation of the self and others
  • Avoiding assumption
  • Letting go of ego
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding and coping with stress
  • Communication skills, flexibility and approachability

Motivational Enhancement Therapy:

Motivational Enhancement Therapy is type of motivational interviewing, begins with assessment and followed by eliciting motivational statements. This therapy emphasized on self-motivation, involve monitoring changes, reviewing strategies and continuing support of internal motivation.

Family therapy:

The goal of family therapy is addressing the problems, which is affecting the entire family by involving the family members in therapy sessions. Therapist, aim to improving the relationship with family, develop strong family support and teach strategies and skills to family to help client in recovery journey and relapse prevention.

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